Hi everybody! Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been blogging at another place before but now I decided to go back to Blogger. I think it’s better for me anyway! So I’ll start with my last post from my “old” blog!
I hope you’ll follow this one too. I’ll be glad if you comment on my posts!
Today I wanted to paint my nails in one quite old color from Maybelline. It’s  Forever Strong nr 490 Hot Salsa. A mixture of red and a bit orange I think. I really like this one and it’s almost the end of the bottle so perhaps it will be on my wishlist. Or maybe I can find this particular colour from a different brand.
As usually I applied one layer of O.P.I Base Coat and then two layers of Maybelline Hot Salsa. I could’ve used three layers but it was hard to apply when it wasn’t so much left in the bottle. After that, one layer of Seche Vite of course, I’ve really come to like this top coat, it makes my nails strong and they wont break. I had some trouble to remove my old nailpolish. It was Depend nr 058, and the glitter made it really hard to remove, I couldn’t even use my Dependremover, I had to use regular nailpolishremover and a pad.
For my new readers I can show my Dependremover as I love, but now I know that it doesn’t work with glitterpolish.
Well I got to show you the result from today!